Middle Eastern Jewellery

Welcome to PERSIS’S Middle eastern jewellery homepage. Artisans around the Middle East contribute to these handcrafted jewellery collection!

Discover wide range of handmade Persian jewelry and accessories. Add a twist of Middle East and Persian style to your everyday look. including Jewelry sets, Custom made jewelry, Men’s jewelry, Necklaces, Earrings, BraceletsRings and much more.

*check it out for yourself and see the beauty Persis Collection offers.*

Persian Jewelry

Persian possesses an extraordinary treasure of royal jewelry, including a copious amount of mother-of-pearl from the Persian Gulf. The Iranian crown jewels are among the largest, most dazzling and valuable jewel collection in the world. The jewels are displayed in the vaults of the Central Bank of Iran in Tehran, and are one of the most appealing tourist attractions in Iran.


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