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About Persian Wallets

Before knowing the history of the Persian Wallets, it is better to know what exactly this word refers to. The original meaning of the word “wallet” is a small bag to hold your money. In the UK, this definition of wallet still stands and the term for a larger bag that holds more items is called a Persian handbag, but in American English, the terms wallet and handbag are considered the same.

In this definition, a modern wallet is a fashionable purse with straps that can be easily placed on the shoulder and is used to carry personal items such as money, cosmetics, mobile phones, etc. Purses are mainly designed for women and used by them, however, in the last 30 years, many men’s bags have also been available in the market, which have various types and can be purchased from small to large bags and with different materials.

Persian wallets usage history

Persian wallets have not always been in the form of modern and suitable bags used by women. The first wallets in history were mostly for carrying coins and were only used by men. Wallets were used for a long time before women started using them.

The concept of a wallet has been around for thousands of years, and these bags have evolved along with Persian fashion and the need to carry more personal items. This article explores the evolution of Persian wallets throughout history and explains how wallets have changed over the years in terms of size and design.


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