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About Gift Sets

Persian cup and saucer sets (Gift Sets) are among the most important Persian dishes found in many of our homes. A set of cups and saucers can be used to drink a variety of hot drinks, including tea and coffee. These dishes always play a big role at a party. Especially for Iranians, tea is one of the main drinks at their parties and they serve tea several times at one party. For this reason, having a stylish and beautiful saucer cup can make the pleasure of drinking a glass of tea more pleasant for the guests.

The type of Persian cup and saucer set (Gift Sets) in which tea and coffee are to be served can affect the color of the tea. For example, some of their types, such as crystal cups, will make tea and coffee look even more colorful because of the special cuts on them. Because cups and saucers are important items for parties and entertaining guests, choosing a suitable cup and saucer is very important.

Persian cup and saucer sets can have different types you should choose the most suitable type based on your taste and harmony with other utensils. Some types of these sets have designs of Iranian culture and art, which can be a very suitable choice. These cup designs are very beautiful and are a symbol of Iran’s old tradition and culture. In the following, we will introduce the types of Persian cups and saucer sets.

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