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Copper Vase Set – The Modern Art of The Isfahan – نقاشی روی مس

نقاشی روی مس – The copper vase is an artwork of Isfahan artists, produced in different sizes and shapes. This product comes with special packaging. The colors on the copper move to form the copper. Another name is coppersmith and copper painting artist. This art, which is a painting on copper vessels, is inspired by Minakari and can be considered a subcategory of Minakari art on copper. The reason for its name is that copper engraving can be viewed as a fusion of Minakari art with polished copper.

Eye-catching colors

Colors are very eye-catching in copper work. In most cases, the main color in copper processing, such as Minakari, is blue. The designs used in this type of art are completely traditional and Iranian.

Esfahan; The city of copper and Pardaz

The cities that were majorly active in this field have changed many times. Although currently Isfahan is the center of production of this type of handicraft, it has not always been this way.

The difference between copper and processing with Minakari

The first difference between these two arts is in the preparation stages of copper vessels. In Minakari, they glaze the dishes before painting, but they do not do this in coppersmithing. Rather, after firing the dishes, the paintings are imprinted on their copper body.

Second, copper processing requires more precision, and the reason for this is that steps such as filing and polishing have been removed from the work steps. The precision and concentration of the artist must compensate for the removed steps so that the patterns and colors on the dishes are accurate and regular.

Another difference is in the colors and patterns on the dishes. The design on copper in copper and Pardaz is coarser, with fewer lines and circles, and at the same time, it is more prominent and obvious. The blue color is mostly used in the coloring of Minakari dishes and color contrast is not visible in them. As you know and it is clear from its name, Mina refers to sky blue, and that is why they gave this name to this art. If the color contrast is more visible in copper and processing, and this problem and the created variety cover the needs of customers with different tastes.

The modern art of the Isfahan vase set details :

  • نقاشی روی مس
  • Pot dimensions: Length = 30 cm, Width= 9 cm
  • Technique pot: Cut the edge of the pot
  • Termeh size: Height = 1 m , Width= 1 m
  • Termeh Material: Silk thread
  • Box dimensions: Length = 54 cm, Width= 40 cm, Height = 13 cm
  • Box Material: Artificial leather
Weight10 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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