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About Persis Art Collection

Our Journey Begins

Our story began in the vibrant autumn of 2014 during a transformative visit to Iran. As someone of Persian descent, I found myself profoundly inspired by the country’s rich tapestry of culture and artistry. It was there that I truly grasped the depth and dynamism of Persian art — a realm where tradition meets a constantly evolving creativity, yielding designs that are not only unique but strikingly modern.

A Fusion of Worlds

Intrigued by the seamless integration of contemporary aesthetics with age-old motifs, I returned in 2016 to find the art scene even more enriched, further blurring the lines between the ancient and the avant-garde. This revelation sparked a desire to redefine my own living space by merging Western elegance with Eastern vibrancy, aiming to create a home that mirrored this cultural synthesis.

The transformation was met with overwhelming acclaim from friends and family, encouraging me to broaden this vision. Thus, Persis Collection was born — a platform dedicated to bridging Western and Eastern art forms.

Our Vision and Mission

Persis Collection aspires to introduce Persian art to a global audience. We are committed to showcasing the sophisticated beauty crafted by modern Persian artists. Our goal extends beyond just selling art; we aim to establish galleries and host exhibitions worldwide, creating spaces where art enthusiasts can engage with and appreciate the splendor of contemporary Persian creations.

Join Us on Our Journey

Persis Collection is more than an art provider; we are curators of cultural exchange. We invite you to explore our collection and become part of a movement that celebrates the rich heritage and innovative future of Persian art.

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