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About Termeh

Termeh boxes and enameled vases can be used as managerial promotional gifts.  Isfahan pottery and pottery sets are exquisite artistic products that have been designed and produced by the hands of a master artist.  The price of Isfahan handicraft promotional gifts is cheap, you can order them for the managers and staff of your organization in any number.  Purchasing handicraft store products for dear customers anywhere in the country is possible through the site and application.

Isfahan Termeh Box and Enamel Vase is an example of exquisite Iranian promotional gifts.  The purchase of cashmere boxes and enamel pots 20 cm high as gifts for managers and staff of private and public companies has been well received.  The coordination of products in Isfahan cashmere sets and pottery vases has caused these Iranian arts to be used together.  The handicrafts of each country show the originality and cultural identity of that land.  Over time, craftsmen have entrusted the art of their ancestors to the next generation and have improved them according to the requirements of the time.  Such promotional gifts of Iranian handicrafts are popular among art lovers all over the world.  The price of cashmere and enamel advertising management set is considered in accordance with the products and you can choose different qualities based on your budget.  Isfahan promotional gifts are cheap, special, and lasting.

Art Of Termeh and pottery

Termeh fabric is made of viscose yarn (rayon).  In the texture of this cashmere, 5 colors are used. The dimensions of the cashmere fabric are 100 × 100 cm.  The material of the enamel Persian vase placed in the box is copper, which was painted on copper by the master of enamel with special enamel paints.  To keep the colors, the pot is heated in the oven.  The height of the pot is 20 cm.  The box is made of wood fibers, which is covered with a persian velvet fabric to make it more beautiful. The dimensions of the box are 10 x 27 x 50 cm.

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