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Decorative Words & Letters

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About Persian Decorative Words Letters

The Persian alphabet letters and Decorative Words & Letters are among the letters that are used by many people in the world to write and convey meaning through writing. These letters contain thirty-two vowels and consonants that, in a certain order, form a very, very large number of words.
The basis of the Persian alphabet is almost the same as the Arabic alphabet and the shape of the letters is very similar to each other, only in some cases, the letters in Persian and Arabic are different in appearance. Also, the Persian alphabet letters have a few letters more than the Arabic alphabet.
The Persian language has 6 vowels, 3 of them are loud vowels and 3 have short vowels. The rest of the letters are the silent letters by which the words are made. Vowels in Persian are not written between words and words are mostly composed of silent letters. Unlike Arabic, where most of the letter sounds are placed.
The Persian alphabet letters are also part of the tradition and culture of Iran, which has brought with it many monuments and art of this country. These are the words and phrases that make history and keep many literary works, Persian poems, and stories alive. The language, despite its changes over the years due to the existence of a solid foundation, helps people to read and learn the history of the past. Therefore, these letters are a very important symbol in Iranian culture, and keeping a symbol of these letters at home in the form of a statue can be a sign of respect for the Persian language and interest in Iranian culture and art. In the following, we will further scrutiny the origin and history of the Persian language.

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