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About Ghalamkari

Isfahan, the cultural heart of Iran, is the native home of the most splendid arts and handicrafts in the world. A variety of arts like Persian Minakari (enameled), Persian Khatam Kari, Firoozeh Koobi (turquoise), Termeh, Toerutics (engraving), filigree, Moaragh (marquetry), and Ghalamkari originated or thrived in this city. As the people of this city are fascinated by art and culture, they pay great attention to handmade materials and cultural development. So, a lot of workshops and professional masters work and teach their students in a variety of majors in this magnificent and historical city.

Ghalamkari of Isfahan is also named as Chitsazi and Calico work. The word originally pertains to making something on cloth with a pencil. It could be in black and white or in multiple colors. The major mall of Isfahan has been the center of Ghalamkari for a long time because there are a lot of workshops where professional masters and their students work.

This fabric was used to make expensive clothes for famous and royal families who had a high social level in the old times. Some gold and silver threaded designs were observed in this fabric. The other advantage of this art fabric was connected to its role in interior design to sewing curtains, wall coverings, and bedspreads. Today, Ghalamkari cloth is mostly used to make purses, scarves, wallets, mats, and tablecloths. Isfahan is the heart of this fantastic art with different products which attract the attention of everyone.

Introduction of Ghalamkari

One of the most splendid handicrafts of Iran is Ghalamkari cloth. It is a type of fabric with some paintings which date back to the Ghaznavid Era. The designs in this cloth are alike that in the tiles in the mosques and the carpets. Persian patterns are often repeated in Ghalamkari fabric, particularly in its borders. Some people think that as this art has ordinary designs and patterns, it is older than the art of carpet weaving. Ghalamkari Cloth is one of the genuine Persian handicrafts

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