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Women's Clothing

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About Persian Women’s Clothing

If we were to name just one type of clothing that has remained popular over the years, it would undoubtedly be the Persian skirt. From straw skirts that date back to 3900 BC in Armenia to maxi, midi miniskirts, and other types of skirts available today, skirts are a huge part of women’s clothing. Although skirts were originally standard clothing for both men and women in all ancient cultures, such as Asia and Egypt, they gradually became women’s clothing in Western Europe and America.

Persian Women’s Clothing like the Persian skirt is one of the clothes that has been worn by women in all cultures and countries from the past to the present day and has many fans around the world. There are different types of skirts that are chosen based on the taste and style of the person. Also, many different designs can be implemented on skirt fabric. Among these patterned skirts is the Persian skirt, which has designs of Iranian culture and Persian art, and these designs are beautifully engraved on the skirt. This type of skirt can be paired with both modern styles and traditional styles.

For the upper body of the Persian skirt, you can use a variety of tops and blouses with long sleeves or short and round sleeves. Also, you can choose the length of the skirt according to your taste as short, on the knee, or below the knee and long. The designs on this type of skirt can be from all kinds of pictures to different writings in Farsi or all kinds of Persian paintings from Iranian culture and art. Using a Persian skirt in the style you choose for a party or going out is a sign of your interest in the ancient culture and art of Iran.