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Firoozeh Koobi


About Firoozeh Koobi

Firoozeh Koobi on copper is a lovely handcraft. Today, experienced craftsmen in Isfahan produce and teach turquoise.

The presence of copper in this stone is the reason for its appealing blue color. This stone may be found in countries such as Egypt, Mexico, the United States, and Iran, but the best and highest-grade variety comes from Iran, where it is mined from the world’s oldest and largest Firoozeh Koobi mine, which is located in Neishabour.

In the previous 70 years, Nematullah Layegh, also known as Nematullah Khan, brought this skill from Mashhad to Isfahan, and it quickly spread. The ancient Egyptians employed an example of this art in their works, as may be seen. However, discovering how to make Firoozeh Koobi dates back several years ago.

Only in the city of Isfahan can the turquoise industry be stated to be widely utilized. Other cities are less likely to practice this lovely art on a range of wares and decorations. Although turquoise stone is supposed to have been transported to Isfahan from Mashhad, turquoise and masters are particularly artistic and competent in the Isfahan turquoise field.

The Art Of  Firoozeh Koobi

Turquoise on copper is created with unusable turquoise stones. These stones are polished in this manner and then applied to copper, silver, and bronze utensils or decorations, and in general, any product made of this material is glued on regularly with a particular turquoise adhesive and is extremely valuable. The closer the stones are together, the more precious it is, and the more Persian Gemstone will be used.

The grooves between the stones are completely filled with black lacquer. The result will be more attractive, and the empty area between the stones will be less noticeable.

The Best Firoozeh Koobi Stones

Turquoise is one of the most beautiful stones on the planet, and it has long been valued by people. The nicest turquoise stones are supposed to be blue-green. However, turquoise stones develop their blue-green hue over time. This stone’s primary color is sky blue. The more costly turquoise stones are, the bluer they are and the closest they are to sky blue color.

The golden streaks in turquoise stones make these stones very appealing. The more Persian gold these streaks are, the more expensive the turquoise stone will be without the black tint and black streaks.

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