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Firoozeh koobi tea set have 8-piece tea with copper and firoozeh koobi body, with a special and personal appearance, with an excellent protective layer of high quality polyester which is a very beautiful product and suitable for reception and decoration.


You can use it as a decor in your home
You can also use it to consume different drinks
And it can be a memorable gift for your loved ones

  • Handwash Only

historical background:

Copper for many reasons, including ductility, specific color, durability, beauty and numerous health properties,
It has been used in the past in the manufacture of functional and decorative utensils.
It seems that in the beginning only the aristocracy and the rich were able to buy and use copper utensils
firoozeh koobi is also used as the second material in this service, as an extremely beautiful and precious stone has long been used as a decorative agent in jewelry, royal cups, aristocratic crowns, etc. Neishabour firoozeh koobi Mines in terms of firoozeh koobi purity is the best mines in the world

How to maintain and use:

As mentioned, the polyester layer makes the container resistant to water and moisture, but the polyester itself is vulnerable to scratches, heat and direct sunlight, so it is necessary that the dishes against these cases and in addition Protect hot liquids and detergents. To clean and dust the dish, just wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.


  • The dimensions of the firoozeh koobi tray are 53 * 3 * 33
  • The height of the special container for cubic sugar is 11
  • The height of each teacup container is 10 cm
  • The body material of firoozeh koobi dishes is made of Kerman copper metal
  • The original Neishabour firoozeh koobi stones are glued to the copper utensils with special glue.
    Finally, a polyester coating is applied to it.

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