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About Persian books

When it comes to Persian language literature, books of Persian poetry come to many people. People who have had a great impact on the formation of the Persian language throughout history. Books of Persian poetry is a rich collection that includes great writers and poets. People, many of whom are not only in the Persian language and are known all over the world.

Of course, Persian literature, like all other languages ​​in the world, is divided into poetry and prose. In this article, we have decided to deal with Persian poetry literature and introduce some books of Persian poetry to you. However, many of these books are more familiar than they need to be.

Before introducing the book of poetry, it is worth mentioning a point. Unlike books of fiction and novels and other types of literature, we usually refer to a book of poetry by the name of the author. While in other books, it is usually the name of the book that is of interest to us. This shows the great importance of the poet of any book. In the following, we will deal with some of the great poets of Persian literature and introduce their books of Persian poetry to you. We hope you enjoy reading this article.


(Books of Persian poetry) Divan-e-Hafiz

Even if you are not Persian-speaking, you are familiar with Divan-e-Hafiz! A book of poetry that is one of the strongest collections of poetry in the world. Divan-e-Hafiz is not just a book of poetry for us Persian speakers. This Persian book is a collection of memories and nostalgia that have accompanied us from childhood to adulthood. A book in order, written by the great Iranian poet Hafez Shirazi, can be found in all Iranian homes. Probably few people have ever read or heard a poem from this book of poetry!


Shahnameh Ferdowsi

You do not have to go to a bookstore to hear the poems of Ferdowsi Shahnameh. As soon as you have studied in school and read middle and high school literature books, you are familiar with the masterpieces of Abolghasem Ferdowsi. Masterpieces from the heart of the 5th century AH, which contain unique narrations.


Ghazals of Shams Tabrizi

books of Persian Poetry Divan Shams Tabrizi is reminiscent of Maulana Jalaluddin for all Persian speakers. A poet of value and love who has a lot of power in composing beautiful and meaningful poems. This court is also known as the court of Shams Tabrizi or Kaliat Kabir.

Saadi’s Bustan

Books of Persian poetry by Bustan Saadi is a masterpiece of the Persian language, another language that is very famous among all the books that have been written in the order in the world. The book is mostly written in the form of love poems and lyric poems and talks about earthly and heavenly loves.

bostan saadi

Five military

Khamseh Nezami or the Five Treasures is a collection of 5 long and very beautiful love poems. Stories that were written in the language of poetry in the 6th century AH were collected in the form of books years later.

This book of Persian poetry is a narrative of mythological stories in military times. The stories about Lily and Majnun are one of the most famous.

As we distance ourselves from the world of poetry many years ago, the world of our contemporary poetry is also full of great poets and books of poetry that are very famous. Books that each in its own time and perhaps now, have been able to have a good place for themselves. Some of these books of contemporary Persian poetry and contemporary poets can be seen below:

Collection of poems by Nima Yushij

Nima Yoshij, the father of modern Persian poetry, is one of the most famous contemporary poets. He, who was able to change the world of Persian poetry by inventing a new way and method in Persian poetry, thus perpetuated his name in the Persian language.

(Winter) Mehdi Akhavan Sales

  1. Omid or Mehdi Akhavan Sales is one of the poets of the Khorasan language who has many collections of poems. One of the most famous poems of the Third Brotherhood is Winter. By combining his mythological style with Nimai’s new poetry, he was able to add an amazing combination to the world of Persian poetry.

Shahriar Divan

Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, nicknamed Shahriyar, is another contemporary Iranian poet. We usually remember Shahriyar with the poems he wrote in the description of Imam Ali (AS). Of course, he also has other books of Persian poetry. Poems that have become very famous and popular all over the world.

(Poetry Divan) Parvin Etesami

Parvin Etesami is one of the famous Iranian women poets who became famous by using the style of debate in her poems. Of course, he had a special skill in composing poems with Masnavi formats, pieces, and odes.

Books of Persian poetry (eight books) Sohrab Sepehri

Sohrab Sepehri is one of the other poets who adopted Nima’s style and was able to have many influences on the style that Nima Yoshij had started. These days, few people do not know this poet and his books of Persian poetry.

(Mirror in the mirror) Amir Houshang Ebtehaj

If you are interested in the world of Iranian classical music, you have heard the name of Houshang Ebtehaj many times. An influential poet in the world of music who carries the title of Hafiz Zamaneh. He is proficient in composing poems such as Hafez’s lyric poems and has also composed very beautiful poems in the Nimai style. Poems published under the name of Persian Mirror in the Mirror.

Books of Persian poetry (Forough Farrokhzad)

Forough Farrokhzad is another woman who managed to immortalize herself in Iranian literature by composing her poems in the form of Nimai. She was short-lived and could not organize her poems, but she is still considered one of the most brilliant female figures in contemporary literature.