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About Persian Painting

Buying Persian paintings in today’s world is one of the purchases that can give tenderness to the environment around us, so that it may take some of the stress of everyday life away from us. But buying a Persian painting is not an easy task and requires specialized knowledge. Since not all people have this knowledge, what is the solution? The least that can be done is to buy from a painting store that is reputable and has professional support services. We offer you Persis Collection for many reasons:

Be reliable

Persis Collection is a Persian handicraft store; Utilizing the opinion of experienced professors and experts in the field of art and fair pricing on works, it can help as a professional sales center for Persian paintings to buy the best of those interested with any budget and taste.

Ability to send worldwide

Persis Collection is an online art sales center that can be sent to all parts of the world. It is worth mentioning that the method of sending the works is such that the slightest damage will not be done to the purchased work and all submissions are guaranteed.

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