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(( calligraphy painting love pattern With the help of calligraphy, an artist with her creativity and skill, uses calligraphy and painting techniques and creates his painting using letters ))

What’s the art of calligraphy painting ?

Calligraphy an artistic combination of paintings, form and calligraphy and an artistic arrangement of letters and words in the form of a drawing which is created in the mind of the calligrapher.

from a long time ago, calligraphic painting have been closely related, and the accompaniment of these two arts in calligraphic painting it is very eye-catching and spectacular

History of the art of calligraphy painting

Persian acrylic calligraphy painting  after the creation of Saqakhaneh school and in early 1340 began spiral, with the use of line drawing. The Saqakhaneh school was very different from the criteria set by the Hermands, and it did not last more than two decades. After that, the members of this school turned to personal and different methods, relying on and paying attention to the same experiences.

This process went well and the efforts of the people of the Saqakhaneh school had a great and lasting impact on contemporary Iranian modern painting and led to the emergence of new artistic currents, including calligraphy. Thus, it can be claimed that the art of calligraphy has emerged as an art school from the

The advantages of acrylic paint

  1. Acrylic paint is washable
  2. You can apply acrylic paint on any surface
  3. No unpleasant odor
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Resistance to sunlight or uv

Types of the art of  calligraphy painting

  1. Line Persian calligraphy painting love pattern on canvas
  2. Modern Persian acrylic calligraphy painting
  3. Simple line calligraphy painting
  4. Line calligraphy painting on cardboard
  5. Embossed calligraphy painting With gold and silver sheets
  6. Nasta’liq calligraphy painting love pattern

Complete product information

  • Dimensions: 100×80 cm
  • Color: Two-layer acrylic substructure
    And gold leaf
  • Material: Cloth canvas
  • Artist: Negar Jahangiri
  • Poetry : در سرم نیست دگر غیر تو رویای کسی //من که هرگز نشدم این همه شیدای کسی// آنچنان در همه جای دل من جا شده ای //که به غیر از تو نباشد دل من جای کسی //من بهشتم همه در دیدن خندیدن توست// تاتو باشی نشوم خیره به لب های کسی
  • Poem: Majid Ahmadi

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Weight20 kg

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