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About Persian Drinkware

We all use a diversity of utensils throughout the day to eat and drink a variety of foods and beverages. Each utensil or glass of drink has a specific usage and is produced only for that purpose. We may drink a variety of beverages in one type of Persian Drinkware and not know the use of glasses well. In this article, we try to acquaint you with the main use of different types of Persian drink glasses so that you know the use of each one and use them correctly and in its place.

Today, Persian drink glasses are produced in various types and sizes, and you can easily prepare any type you need online or in person. The use of each Persian Drinkware is determined by the size, volume, height, and shape of the Drinkware, and it is better to use a special drink for each glass with the same glass. However, it is okay to drink several types of drinks in one type of Persian Drinkware; But in this article, you will get acquainted with the correct use of each.

Also, in addition to cold drinks, which we use to drink from a variety of Persian drink glasses, which are often glass, there are several types of glasses for hot drinks, of which Persian cups and Persian mugs can be named. Hot drinks can also be drunk in some short  Drinkware cups. Mugs are usually made of Persian ceramic or Persian pottery and have a larger volume than cups. The volume of a mug is about 350 ml or more and the volume of the cup is between 60 and 90 ml, and the cups are usually similar to each other, but the mugs can be of any shape.

Types of Persian drink glasses

Types of Persian drink glasses are usually Persian Drinkware and are for drinking water and fruit juices and generally serving all kinds of cold drinks. These glasses come in different sizes and shapes and are hand-held or handleless. Here are some examples of these types of glasses