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Shah Abbas Tea Set, Red

Original price was: $163.84.Current price is: $125.44.
  • Hand decorated.
  • They Can be used and hand washed.
  • Shah Abbas pattern.

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Each is decorated with hand, gold gilt and enamel painted decoration. Shah Abbas Tea Set of six glass teacups and saucers,  a tray and a bonbon dish in red.

  • Hand decorated.
  • They Can be used and hand washed.
  • Shah Abbas pattern.


Shah Abbas I, also known as Shah Abbas the Great, was a king of the Safavid dynasty in Persia (Iran) who reigned from 1588 to 1629. He is considered one of the most significant rulers in Persian history and is known for his military campaigns, religious tolerance, and cultural patronage.

Shah Abbas I came to power during a time of turmoil in Persia and was able to restore order and stability to the kingdom. He also embarked on a series of military campaigns that expanded the Safavid Empire and made it a major power in the region.

One of Shah Abbas I’s major accomplishments was his religious tolerance. He welcomed different religious communities to his court, including Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians, which helped to create a more diverse and cosmopolitan society.

Shah Abbas I was also a great patron of the arts and culture. He built many monumental buildings and sponsored the development of various forms of art and literature. He also moved the capital of the Safavid Empire from Qazvin to Isfahan, which helped to make that city a cultural and architectural wonder of the world.

Shah Abbas I also made important reforms in administration, economy, and military. He built a new army equipped with firearms, which allowed him to expand the empire, and also created a new system of taxation, which increased the state revenue.

In summary, Shah Abbas I was a great leader that helped to establish the Safavid dynasty as one of the most powerful and influential empires in the world during his era.

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