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Persian Cushions

Different elements are used in the interior design of different parts of the house and workplace. One of the most important things that play a very important role in the beauty of space decoration is the sofa. You can choose your sofas very large or small and comfortable, but you should note that the model, color, and size of the sofas should be is commensurate with the size of the living room and their color must be in harmony with other Persian furniture in the environment. One of the items that can be added to the beauty of the living room is adding a few cushions to the sofas.
Today, cushions are almost an integral part of the sofa and living room, and in almost every home, as well as the living room, cushions with different designs and colors can be seen. Among the types of cushions are Persian cushions that are designed with traditional designs and special meanings and by Iranian culture and tradition. These cushions can be purchased in various designs and colors, and you can choose the most suitable design according to the color of your living room and sofas.

Setting Persian cushions on the sofa

As mentioned, Persian cushions are produced in a variety of designs and colors, and all of them have special meanings and designs from the tradition and culture of ancient Iran. Colors such as firoozeh koobi, which is very common in interior designs and old Iranian architecture, are also available in the designs of this type of cushion.
Setting Persian cushions with beautiful designs on your sofa can be very interesting and innovative. This allows you to add a little color to the space if the style of your living room is simple and with a small number of colors with the color types of these cushions. You can also create a special color that you feel the room needs by placing a cushion on the sofa in the living room.
You should note that Persian cushions with different designs and many colors must be in harmony with your environment, but it is better not to choose the cushions the same color as the sofa and let the color of the cushions be different but close to the sofa. Also, depending on the color of the carpet and curtains, you can match the color of the cushions with them and double the beauty of the space.
Using cushions on sofas, although it may seem small, has a great impact on the beauty of your Persian decoration. Also, if you want to change the decoration a little but you do not know where to start or you do not want this change to be too salient or you cannot afford the cost of a big change, then changing the cushions on the sofa can be the best option. This small change can be very visually appealing and catch the eye of any viewer. With this small change in the space, you will have the feeling of a change of decoration and creating a new color in the space.
In addition to designs and colors, Persian cushions can also be purchased in various sizes and shapes. You can also make a cover with an Iranian design for your previous cushions. In addition to the cushion design, its shape is also very important in the beauty of the space. If your cushions are very large and occupy a large part of the sofa, it will not be very beautiful, and if their size and model do not fit together, they will have the opposite result instead of beauty and will show the living room in a disordered way at first sight.
In the following, we will introduce several different types of Persian cushions. Note that you can make all cushion shapes with traditional Iranian designs and colors.