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End of accepting wholesale orders in by 20th January


Welcome to our wholesale page, where expertise meets excellence. With a seasoned team and a proven track record, we’ve proudly served top brands worldwide, including prestigious institutions like the British Museum. Our commitment to quality and versatility knows no bounds, as we can craft anything your heart desires in the realm of Persian art and Iranian products and deliver it to your doorstep.

If you’re considering purchasing our Persian art and Iranian products in bulk, we’ve streamlined the process for your convenience. Follow our step-by-step visual guide, designed to make placing your bulk order a breeze.

In the first step, pinpoint the specific product or products you desire. On each product page, you’ll spot a dedicated section for requesting a bulk purchase of our authentic Persian art and Iranian products. Simply click on the ‘Request a Quote’ button to kickstart the process swiftly and effortlessly.

Persian art wholesale
Persian art wholesale

After you click on the request, you can see the list of your requests, like this image.

Once you have selected your product or products, you can proceed to our ‘REQUEST‘ page. On this page, you will find two sections:

  1. Your Request List: Here, you can review the list of products you have requested.
  2. Information Submission: In this section, you can enter your details to receive further assistance.
Persian art wholesale
Persian art wholesale
Persian art wholesale

For your convenience, you can download and view your PDF file containing the list of your requests by clicking on the designated button.

If you prefer not to download a file, you can submit your complete request, and our experts will contact you.

Persian art wholesale

We are always on the lookout for reliable retailers to introduce Persian Art to the rest of the world. If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please signify your interest by filling out the form.

Don’t forget to write “Wholesale Inquiry” at the top of your message so we can prioritize your request, and include any concerns you have in your email. 

Persian Product

renowned worldwide for their quality and authenticity. When one thinks of Persian products, images of intricate carpets, detailed miniatures, and sumptuous food items come to mind. These products are not just commodities; they are stories woven into fabric, painted into art, and cooked into cuisine, each telling a tale of Iran’s glorious past and vibrant present.

Iran Wholesale

The Iranian wholesale market offers an incredible opportunity for global businesses. With its strategic location and a diverse range of products, Iran is a goldmine for traders looking to expand their portfolio with unique and high-quality products. From the famous Persian rugs to dried fruits and nuts, and even technology, the Iranian wholesale market is ripe with possibilities for businesses looking to explore new territories.

Persian Wholesale

Persian wholesale markets are known for their diversity and quality. These markets are not just trading venues; they are cultural hubs where the richness of Persian culture is on full display. Here, one can find an array of products ranging from textiles to food items, each offering a glimpse into the traditional Persian lifestyle and craftsmanship.

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