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Persian Fashion

The diversity of ethnicities in Iran has led to the diversity of coverings and has caused every part of Iran to become colorful. Climate diversity, historical background, temperament and culture specific to each region, the specific clothing of each region has formed, which in the following categories you can see this diversity.

About persian clothing fashion

Most Iranians wear similar Persian Clothing , but there are some indigenous people who wear traditional Iranian clothes.  Among them, women’s clothing has a special effect.  This dress is taken from the customs of each region.  Iran is also one of the countries where a unique culture can be seen anywhere.

In Iran, the variety of coverage is so great that some of you may not know and do not even know for which city or region.  Many tourists also travel to Iran and are interested in knowing information about the coverage of each region or city, so in this article we want to introduce you to a variety of traditional Iranian clothing.

Every nation and country on earth has its own clothes.  It is true that these days more than 70% of people around the world wear similar clothes and in different models, but we can not ignore the fact that each nation has its own clothes.

There are cowboy costumes, Baluchi costumes, Scottish special costumes, dashdashes, kimonos and an endless list of these costumes that we can name for you and show you the cultural picture of any nation with them, but,  Persian Clothing of Iranian women Among these traditional and ethnic clothes, there is a special effect and beauty that dazzles the eyes of every viewer.

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