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About Persian Belts

Persian Belts are thin band that has good flexibility and is made of Persian leather or plastic and are tied around the waist.

Belts are not always purely decorative, for example, soldiers and military personnel use belts to hang and carry weapons and also carry handcuffs. Of course, construction workers also use belts to carry tools.

A belt is a part of men’s clothing that is used to hold pants. Men and women use belts with different shapes and designs according to their clothing and style. persian Belts are also known as one of the usual accessories in women’s style.

Belts today can have many different designs and colors. For example, traditional Iranian designs and symbols can be used on the fabric of the belt. This type of Persian Belt has its fans today, and many men and women are interested in having a symbol of Iran’s ancient culture and tradition in their style. A belt can be that part of your style that shows your interest in Iranian culture.

The history of the belt can be considered one of the fascinating topics in the field of Iranian clothing. A history that perhaps we have thought less about. In the continuation of this article, we are trying to introduce the history of the Persian Belts and their types.