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Ghalamkar, the art of using wooden blocks to create patterns on cloth, is the oldest and most traditional textile printing method. It’s been used in Iran since ancient times and the way it’s done in the present day hasn’t changed for millennia.

Diameter : 120 cm

Material: Cotton.

Origin: Isfahan

Style: Ghalamkar art

Made in: Isfahan


Ghalamkari (Calico art)

Ghalamkari, Calico work is an art which produces coloured mould cloth used as a tablecloth, table covers, prayer rug, bags, etc. and which is formed by printing on a cotton cloth. Production of colourful designs and printing on the cloth by moulds has apparently been created in the 4th century A.D. in India and from there to Alexandria. Printing on the cloth was evolved in Iran during the Sassanid Dynasty and new techniques were initiated in the decoration of woollen and cotton clothes. This art was extended generally in Isfahan during the Safavid period.

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