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About Saadi

Saadi is without a doubt one of the first five poets of the Persian language and one of the greatest poets of Iran, whose beauty of speech and eloquence in poetry and prose is world-famous and well-known to all. Saadi’s lyric poetry about morality and mysticism is very beautiful and attractive, and no one has ever been able to compose such a beautiful lyric. The books of this great poet have also been translated into European languages; To the extent that some believe that Europe knew Persian literature through Saadi’s poems. It is not bad to know that one of the languages to which Golestan Saadi’s book has been translated is French.

About bostan saadi

bostan saadi is Collection of Masnavi with an astonishing leather and copper cover.

Saadi Bostan or Saadi Letter is the first work of Saadi, the composition of which was completed in 655 AH. Saadi composed this work when he was traveling and presented it to his friends when he returned to Shiraz. This work is composed in the form of Masnavi and is epic in terms of format and weight of poetry, although in terms of content it deals with ethics, education, politics and societies.


  • Cover material: Leather
  • Book cover material: Leather and Copper Cover
  • Book size: 25 x 18  cm
  • Cover size: 28 x 21 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Glossy paper

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions28 × 21 × 10 cm