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Persis Collection

Handmade Long Line Duster

long-line Persian dress inspired by Persian art.

Traditional Persian Clothing: Traditional Persian clothing has a rich history and reflects the diverse cultural heritage of Iran. Clothing styles have evolved over centuries and vary based on the region and occasion. However, some elements remain common across different regions.

One traditional garment that resembles a coat is the “chador.” The chador is a large piece of cloth worn by women to cover the entire body. It is often paired with other garments like a long dress (manteau) and headscarf (hijab). The chador is typically worn in public spaces and is a symbol of modesty and religious observance.

Handmade Long Line Duster Details:

** Free size, suitable for sizes 38 – 42

  • Fabric: Linen yarn and linen cotton
  • Machine washable, delicate (30-degree water)
  • Material: 80% yarn 20% Cotton
  • Designed by our Artists of Tehran

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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 5 cm

80% yarn 20% Cotton.


Linen yarn and linen cotton


Free Size

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