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Termeh is one of the most exquisite Iranian handicrafts that is very beautiful and elegant and is a kind of luxurious art. Cashmere fabrics are stunning and different from any type of fabric you've ever seen. Anyone who has ever seen and touched cashmere fabrics has undoubtedly been fascinated by its beauty and elegance. Termeh is actually a kind of Iranian textile handicrafts and is a fabric that is woven from very fine fibers and fine silk, brocade and wool yarns. This fabric despite its delicacy and elegance is woven with very high density and hence it is very resistant to other fabrics and has a very high quality. Cashmere fabrics are typically woven with traditional designs and curved patterns, and natural colors such as red, green, orange, animatic and black are typically used in their yarns. Among the most famous roles of Terme are the designs of Bete Jaqeh, Deer Horn and Shah Abbasi flowers. Termeh fabrics are used in a variety of cases, including cashmere bags, cashmere cushions, cashmere tablecloth sets, cashmere tablecloths, etc. He pointed out. This Iranian art can cover different tastes due to the exquisite colors used in it as well as various designs. Also, using termeh in interior decoration of your home and also in your style can have a beautiful and elegant appearance. At Persis Collection, we offer a variety of Cashmere in different designs and colors, and we have made it possible for you to easily have this valuable Iranian art anywhere in the world.

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About Termeh

Termeh boxes and enameled vases can be used as managerial promotional gifts.  Isfahan pottery and pottery sets are exquisite artistic products that have been designed and produced by the hands of a master artist.  The price of Isfahan handicraft promotional gifts is cheap; you can order them for the managers and staff of your organization in any number.  Purchasing handicraft store products for dear customers anywhere in the country is possible through the site and application.

Isfahan Termeh Box and Enamel Vase is an examples of exquisite Iranian promotional gifts.  The purchase of cashmere boxes and enamel pots 20 cm high as gifts for managers and staff of private and public companies has been well received.  The coordination of products in Isfahan cashmere sets and pottery vases has caused these Iranian arts to be used together.  The handicrafts of each country show the originality and cultural identity of that land.  Over time, craftsmen have entrusted the art of their ancestors to the next generation and have improved them according to the requirements of the time.  Such promotional gifts of Iranian handicrafts are popular among art lovers all over the world.  The price of cashmere and enamel advertising management set is considered in accordance with the products and you can choose different qualities based on your budget.  Isfahan promotional gifts are cheap, special, and lasting.

Art Of Termeh and Pottery

Termeh fabric is made of viscose yarn (rayon).  In the texture of this cashmere, 5 colors are used. The dimensions of the cashmere fabric are 100 × 100 cm.  The material of the enamel Persian vase placed in the box is copper, which was painted on copper by the master of enamel with special enamel paints.  To keep the colors, the pot is heated in the oven.  The height of the pot is 20 cm.  The box is made of wood fibers, which is covered with a Persian velvet fabric to make it more beautiful. The dimensions of the box are 10 x 27 x 50 cm.

Iranian Termeh

Iranian Termeh stands out with its intricate designs and luxurious feel. Originally crafted for royalty, this fabric now brings regal elegance to your home. Our collection showcases patterns that blend ancient motifs with contemporary style, ensuring a timeless appeal. From vibrant hues to subtle earth tones, each Termeh piece is a work of art.

Termeh Price

We believe in making luxury accessible. Our Termeh prices cater to a range of budgets, without compromising on quality. Enjoy the splendor of Iranian craftsmanship at prices that surprise and delight. Whether you’re redecorating, gifting, or simply indulging in culture, our Termeh collection fits your needs and budget.

Embrace Tradition with Every Purchase

Our online store is more than a marketplace; it’s a bridge to Iran’s artistic legacy. Each Termeh purchase supports local artisans and helps preserve this ancient craft. You’re not just buying fabric; you’re becoming part of a story that dates back centuries.

Why Choose Our Termeh?

  • Authentic Iranian craftsmanship
  • A diverse range of patterns and colors
  • Quality that speaks in every thread
  • Prices that offer luxury for all
  • Support for traditional artisans

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