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A memorable Yalda night with Yalda gift for Persis Collection

About Yalda night

Yalda night is not held only because the time interval between sunset on December 20th and sunrise on the first of January is longer; It has many meanings and concepts. In Yalda, this ancient festival, we celebrate the beginning of longer days, which reminds us that even the longest night of the year leads to morning, and the dark moments do not last forever.
Yalda night celebration is in fact a symbol of hope for tomorrow and a bright future that together we can appreciate the moments more and by being together for a while away from the daily worries of life and moments with our loved ones Let’s spend it full of joy.

What is Yalda night gift?

On Shab-e Cheleh, all our loved ones and families gather together and celebrate this night together by reciting Hafiz and eating a series of special foods such as watermelon, pomegranate and nuts. Yalda night gift also has a sign of the same symbols of Yalda night in its heart that can be engraved in the minds of our loved ones as a special gift.


Gift Box details

The gift box includes a luxury Divan of Hafiz book in Persian and English 4 ceramic pomegranates decorated with Persian calligraphy.

  • Size: 41 x 24 x 10
  • Type in the gift:  Folding magneto
  • Box type: Hardbox
  • Box cover: Termeh
  • Products inside the gift: Divan Hafez, Ceramic calligraphy 

Divan Hafez details (Persian, English)

  • Glossy paper
  • bilingual
  • Illuminated painting
  • Size: 17 × 13 × 3 cm
  • Dimensions of the book frame: 21 × 18 × 6 cm
  • Leather cover
  • Messi’s procedure

Ceramic pomegranates details

  • Height: 7cm
  • Number per gift: 4 numbers
  • Poem: شعر هفت آسمان را دربرم از هفت دریا بگذرم
  • Color: red, white, navy blue,  cyan




Weight3 kg

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