Elegant Minakari Set


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Elegant Minakari Set

Minakari vase and plate gift set in elegant and beautiful packaging suitable for personal giftsspecial gifts, luxurious and valuable gifts.

Minakari vase and plate gift set Another beautiful Minakari set that includes two attractive original Minakari vases along with a well-made Minakari plate that together have an extraordinary charm.

Presented in a beautiful and durable box, it has a double beauty as a gift for various occasions.

Minakari art is one of the oldest Iranian arts that is created by painting Islamic motifs and lines on copper utensils. It is interesting to know that this beautiful product is made by artists of Isfahan region.
The beautiful and unique packaging of this product prepares this beautiful combination of vases and Minakari plates as a gift, and the eyes of every viewer will be stunned by the combination of colors and designs of this product.

Set includes 2x vases and 1x plate beautifully placed in a leather briefcase.

Vase size: 25cm
Plate size:25cm

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