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Farvahar Gold Necklace Collection

Welcome to Farvahar Gold Necklace Collection which will make a great gift for your loved ones.

At Persis Collection you can discover over a Thousand products inspired by Persian and Middle Eastern Art. We bring Persian Art to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

The Faravahar

(Persianفروهر‎), also known as Farr-e Kiyani (فر کیانی), is one of the best-known symbols of Iran. It symbolizes Zoroastrianism, the main religion of pre-Islamic Persia, and Iranian nationalism.

The Faravahar is the most worn pendant among Iranians and has become a secular national symbol, rather than a religious symbol. It symbolizes good thoughts (پندار نیک pendār-e Nik), good words (گفتار نیک goftār-e Nik) and good deeds (کردار نیک kerdār-e Nik), which are the basic tenets and principles of Zoroastrianism.

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