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18k Gold Iran Map Bracelet

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What makes this extraordinary combination of gold and leather stand out is its subtle design. This piece has been masterfully made by an expert artist based in Tehran.

The Gold Iran Map Bracelet is a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry that showcases the outline or silhouette of the country of Iran. It is often crafted from gold, but other metals such as silver or platinum may also be used. This bracelet serves as a symbol of pride, connection, and love for Iran, making it a cherished accessory for those with Iranian heritage or a deep affinity for the country.

The Iran Map Bracelet typically features a pendant or charm in the shape of the geographical outline of Iran. The pendant can vary in size and design, ranging from a simplified representation of the country’s borders to a more intricate rendition that includes details like major cities or landmarks. The bracelet itself can be a chain or a cuff-style design, depending on personal preference.

These bracelets are often crafted with attention to detail to accurately capture the contours of Iran’s shape. Some may also incorporate additional elements such as gemstones, engraved messages, or decorative motifs to enhance the overall design.

The Gold Iran Map Bracelet serves as a beautiful and meaningful accessory that allows individuals to express their love, pride, and connection to Iran. It can be worn on various occasions, from casual everyday wear to special events, and it can be a thoughtful gift for loved ones who share a bond with the country.

Gold Iran Map Bracelet  Details:

  • Metal Material: 18K gold
  • Leather material: cow leather
  • Weight of gold: 0.5g
  • Handmade
  • Pattern: Iran map
  • License plate length: 2cm
  • Bracelet strap design: Flag of Iran
  • Button model

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Weight0.2 kg

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