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Aalish Persian Carpet Bag

A combination of handmade Persian carpets and Kilim with leather. This strong bag makes an eye-catching unique bag that is perfect for modern living. Bright colors of vegetable-dyed wools are woven to produce a traditional craft item with a more contemporary look.

A Persian Carpet Bag, also known as a Persian Carpet Tote or Persian Carpet Handbag, refers to a bag or tote made using traditional Persian carpet designs or motifs. Persian carpets are renowned for their intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and fine craftsmanship, and these elements are often incorporated into the design of these bags.

A Persian Carpet Bag typically features a combination of woven or embroidered panels that showcase the distinctive motifs found in Persian carpets. The patterns can include floral designs, geometric shapes, or intricate medallions, all reflecting the rich artistic heritage of Persian carpet weaving.

These bags are often made from high-quality materials such as wool, silk, or a combination of both. The use of genuine Persian carpet pieces or fabric inspired by Persian carpet designs gives these bags a unique and luxurious appeal.

Persian Carpet Bags can come in various styles and sizes, including totes, handbags, clutches, or even backpacks. They offer a blend of functionality and cultural aesthetics, making them popular accessories for those who appreciate Persian art and craftsmanship.

Aalish Persian Carpet Bag Details:

  • Size: 37 x 35 approximately
  • Material: Handmade Wool Carpet and Kilim
  • Material of handles and embroidered edges: Natural cow leather
  • It has two internal pockets, one simple, and a zipper

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Weight3 kg

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