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Persis Collection

Iranian Elegance: The Soleimani Honey Agate Legacy

The Honeyed Jewel of Persia

Step into the enchanting realm of Persian craftsmanship with the Soleimani Honey Agate Stone, Code A52. A captivating piece weighing 110 grams and standing at a graceful height of 7 centimeters, this Persian stone is more than a gem—it’s a piece of art.

Soleimani Honey Agate Stone Details:

  • Persian Gemstone
  • Stone Weight (without base): 110 g
  • The Length of the Stone is 7 cm
  • Base Dimensions: Length 16.5 cm, Width 5.5 cm
  • The original stone of the South Khorasan region in Iran

Durable Elegance

Beyond its mesmerizing appearance, what sets the Soleimani Honey Agate apart is its inherent strength and resistance. As an Iranian stone that doesn’t react with chemicals, its lasting durability makes it a top choice for crafting exquisite Iranian jewelry.

A Symphony of Texture and Hue

The Soleimani Honey Agate is a celebration of nature’s finest craftsmanship. Its unique honey hue, paired with the intricate veins running through it, bestows upon it a texture that dances between rugged beauty and refined grace. Each glance reveals a new facet, a new story, a new enchantment.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 cm

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