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Ancient Persian Sculptures



The collection of Persian sculptures is inspired by the Achaemenid dynasty and these sculptures are made of stone and resin.

Achaemenid Prince Sculpture

  • Size: H. 23.5 cm
  • Base Size: 8*11 cm

Achaemenid King Dariush Sculpture

  • Size: H. 13.5 cm
  • Base Size: 6*6 cm

Achaemenid King Kourosh Sculpture

  • Size: H. 13 cm
  • Base Size: 6*6 cm

Achaemenid Soldier Sculpture

  • Size: H. 25 cm
  • Base Size: 5.5*7 cm

Kourosh’s Tomb Sculpture

  • Size: H. 11.5 cm
  • Base Size: 12.5*12.5 cm

Riton with Head of Lion Sculpture

  • Size: H. 14 cm
  • Base Size: 13*7.5 cm

The Cyrus Cylinder

  • Size: H. 5.5 cm
  • Base Size: 8.5*5 cm

Capital of a column with the head of a lion  Sculpture

  • Size: H. 20 cm
  • Base Size: 6.5*6.5 cm


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Achaemenid dynasty

The Lion and Sun (Persian: شیر و خورشید, pronounced: shir o khorshid) is one of the main emblems of Iran (Persia).

The Achaemenid dynasty (Greek: Ἀχαιμενίδαι; Achaimenídai, in Old Persian Hakhāmanišiya; Persian: دودمان هخامنشی‎) was an ancient Persian royal house. They were the ruling dynasty of the Achaemenid Empire from about 700 to 330 BC.

The rulers from the Achaemenid dynasty, starting with Cambyses II, who conquered Egypt, the historian Manetho placed as pharaohs in the Twenty-seventh Dynasty of Egypt.