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Balochi Embroidery Watch Bracelet

A Balochi embroidery watch bracelet refers to a bracelet that combines Balochi embroidery techniques with a watch component. Balochi embroidery is a traditional form of needlework that originates from the Balochistan region, which spans across Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It is known for its intricate and colorful designs.

A Balochi embroidery watch bracelet typically features a band or strap made of fabric or leather, adorned with Balochi embroidery patterns. These patterns often include geometric shapes, floral motifs, and vibrant colors that reflect the cultural heritage of the Balochi people.

In addition to the embroidery, the bracelet incorporates a watch component, which can be either an analog or digital timepiece. The watch is usually integrated into the design of the bracelet, either as a detachable piece or permanently attached. The size, style, and functionality of the watch component may vary depending on the specific design and manufacturer.

Balochi embroidery watch bracelets can be considered as unique accessories that blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary timekeeping. They are often handmade or crafted by artisans who specialize in Balochi embroidery techniques. These bracelets can be found through specialty retailers, online marketplaces, or stores that offer ethnic or handmade accessories.

Balochi Embroidery Watch Bracelet Details:

  • Handmade Baluchi needlework watch bracelet
  • Made by Baluchi women of Iran
  • Size: 14 x 3cm

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Weight0.2 kg

Red, White, Turquoise

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