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Blue scarf with Eslimi design

A blue scarf with an Eslimi design refers to a scarf featuring a specific type of decorative motif known as “Eslimi” or “Islimi” in Persian art. Eslimi designs are intricate, symmetrical patterns characterized by curving lines, interlacing motifs, and floral or vegetal elements. They are commonly found in Islamic art and architecture, particularly in Persian and Central Asian artistic traditions.

A blue scarf with an Eslimi design typically incorporates these decorative motifs into its fabric. The scarf may feature the Eslimi pattern as an all-over design, border, or focal point. The color blue is often associated with tranquility and spirituality in many cultures and is frequently used in Islamic art.

100% Silk Art of Eslimi scarf inspired by Persian art. This amazing scarf is made of luxuriously silk and has been made by our artisan based in Tehran.

Eslimi and Khatai motifs were inspired by the Safavid Isfahan Grand Mosque. The Jameh Mosque of Isfahan or Grand Mosque of Isfahan, also known as the Atiq Mosque and the Friday Mosque,is the grand, congregational mosque of Isfahan city, within Isfahan Province, Iran.

Blue Scarf with Eslimi Design Details:

  • Dimensions: 130 x 130cm
  • Material: Silk or Cotton
  • Multi-Season
  • Main color: Blue
  • Hand sewing finishes
  • Style: Artwear

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions130 × 130 cm

Silk, Cotton





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