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Ceramic Evil Eye Egg

  • Handmade evil eye egg comes in the gold and white colours.
  • Natural size.

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  • Handmade evil eye egg comes in the gold and white colours.
  • Natural size.

Ceramic Egg

Ceramic eggs are eggs made out of ceramic, a type of pottery that is fired at high temperatures to produce a hard, sturdy material. Ceramic eggs can be made using a variety of techniques, such as hand-building, mold-making, or throwing on a pottery wheel.

Ceramic eggs can come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be decorated in a wide range of styles. They can be painted with glaze or underglaze, etched, carved or sculpted. Some ceramic egg also can be made in a way that can be opened and can be used as a container for small items.

Ceramic eggs can serve many purposes, such as decorative objects, home decor, ornaments, or even be used as kitchen utensils like salt and pepper shakers. Some ceramic eggs also used in religious and ceremonial events, especially in Easter where ceramic eggs are used as symbols of new life and resurrection.

Ceramic eggs are not just limited to Easter as there are also different cultural use for ceramic eggs, for example in china ceramic eggs are painted with auspicious symbols and are used for decoration, especially during new year.

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