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Persis Collection


Handmade Persian CERAMIC CALLIGRAPHY PLATTER. Decorated with Persian calligraphy. Inspired by Persian art.

  • Decorated with Persian calligraphy.”عشق”
  • Spice up your home decor with our home and decor collection.
  • Decorative and Dinnerware
  • Handmade
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 38 cm
  • Style: Black and Gold love

Ceramic Love Calligraphy

Ceramic love calligraphy is a type of art that combines calligraphy and ceramics. It involves writing words or phrases using traditional calligraphy techniques on ceramic plates, platters, bowls, or other ceramic items. The finished pieces can be used as decorative items, or functional pieces such as serving platters or bowls. Some ceramic love calligraphy artists also make vases, jars or mugs with calligraphy on it.

Some ceramic love calligraphy artists use traditional Chinese calligraphy techniques, while others use Western calligraphy styles. The calligraphy is often accompanied by illustrations or other decorative elements, such as flowers or landscapes. The ceramic pieces are typically glazed and fired in a kiln, giving them a glossy finish.

It’s a popular form of art in many countries and it’s often used to express love and affection. It’s also used to create personalized gifts and home decor.

Weight3 kg

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