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Persian Samovar Set, Cooker and Charcoal Safe

  • Bulk:  4 Liters
  • Height:25cm
  • Height (with base) : 32 cm
  • Warmer base height:7cm
  • Teapot height:12.5
  • The diameter of the teapot opening:9.5cm
  • With nano coating

Only 1 left in stock

Copper samovar

Set copper samovar is completely handmade and made by an artist from Zanjan province of Iran which includes teapot,

*This set can be used on any Cooker also can be used, using Charcoal.

A samovar is a large metal urn or container, traditionally used for boiling water or brewing tea in Russian and Persian cultures. The word “samovar” is of Turkic origin and literally means “self-boiler.”

A copper samovar is a type of samovar that is made of copper. Copper is a good heat conductor, making it a popular material for samovars. Copper samovars are often decorated with intricate designs, including engravings and repoussé work, and may also be gilded or silver-plated.

Traditionally, samovars were heated with charcoal or wood, and the hot water was used to brew tea. They also could be heated by electric. The tea was brewed and served in glasses or cups, which were often placed on top of the samovar.

Samovars were typically used in the home, but they were also common in public places such as tea rooms and train stations. They were also used as a symbol of hospitality and were often given as gifts.

In summary, copper samovar is a traditional container used for boiling water or brewing tea, made of copper and decorated with intricate designs, often used in Russian and Persian cultures.

About the samovar

Samovar The Russian word means spontaneous. This metal container has a water tank, which is characterized by making tea with the help of steam heat and so-called brewing.

Benefits of copper utensils

Among the health benefits of consuming copper are these: Including proper body growth, efficient and effective use of iron, Appropriate enzymatic reactions and improve health of connective tissues, hair, and eyes. It is also important for preventing premature aging and energy production. in addition, regular heart rhythm, regulated thyroid gland, joint-related reductions, rapid wound healing, increased red blood cell formation, and low cholesterol is other health benefits of copper.

Specifications of the copper samovar

  • Bulk: 4 Liters
  • Height: 25cm
  • Height (with base) : 32cm
  • Warmer base height: 7cm
  • Teapot height: 12.5
  • The diameter of the teapot opening:9.5cm
  • With nano coating