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Copper Tray Hand Ghalamzani 70cm

$760.32$950.40 (Available on back-order)

Ghalamzani is the decoration and carving of patterns on metal objects, especially copper, gold, silver, brass, or in other words, the creation of lines and patterns by the pen with a hammer and on metal objects. Ghalamzani is one of the traditional arts of Iran, which is in the category of industrial arts and metalworking.

About Paisley

One of the most famous symbols of Iranian art is the Paisley design. The outline of the plant is similar to that of a drop, the upper end of which is curved and actually depicts a plant. Art that flourished in Iran and India after the Mongol rule spread to the West in the 18th and 19th centuries. The prevalence of the use of Kashmir shawls in the West made the Paisley design famous, and this Iranian pattern was later repeated in local western designs.



Pattern: Paisley

Weight: 4.5 kg

Diameter: 70 cm

Technique: Ghalamzani

material: Copper

Base height:  67cm

Basic model: Folding

Base wood material: wood

Artist: Farhad Mashayekhi