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Ceramic platter inspired by Middle Eastern art. Decorated with the art of calligraphy, Evil eye and gold plated ceramic diamonds.

  • Decorative and Dinnerware
  • Handmade
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 42 x 21 cm
  • Style: Evil eye

Evil eye: A nazar  is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. Persian, Albanian, Hindi-Urdu, Pashto, Bengali, Kurdish, Punjabi, and other languages have borrowed the term as well. In Turkey, it is known by the name Nazar boncuğu and historically as mâvi boncuk or Old Turkic: gökçe munçuk‎, both meaning. In Persian and Afghan folklore, it is called a cheshm nazar (Persian: چشم نظر‎) or nazar qurbāni (Persian: نظرقربانی‎). In India and Pakistan, the Hindi-Urdu slogan Chashm-e-Baddoor is used to ward off the evil eye.


An “evil eye” platter is a type of ceramic platter that is decorated with the evil eye symbol. The evil eye is a symbol that is believed to ward off negative energy or the “evil eye” of those who may wish harm upon the person using or displaying the symbol. It is an ancient belief and can be found in many cultures around the world.

The platter can be used for a variety of purposes, such as serving food, displaying decorative items, or as a wall hanging. The platters are often beautifully crafted and decorated, making them a perfect gift or home decor item. They can be made from different types of ceramics, glazed and fired to give them a glossy finish.

This type of platter can be found in many countries and cultures, and it’s becoming a popular form of art. The Evil Eye platter is also used to create personalized gifts and home decor items.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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