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Farvahar Turquoise Gold Necklace-24k Gold

24K gold Farvahar pattern beautifully protected with resin and placed in a gold-plated steel frame.  The chain is made with turquoise stone.

The Farvahar Turquoise Gold Necklace combines elements of Farvahar symbolism, turquoise gemstones, and gold to create a unique and culturally significant piece of jewelry.

The Farvahar is a prominent symbol in Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest known religions. It represents the guardian angel or fravashi, which is believed to guide and protect individuals throughout their lives. The Farvahar is depicted as a winged figure with a human face, wearing a ring and holding a ring, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life and the connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

In the Farvahar Turquoise Gold Necklace, the Farvahar symbol is typically crafted in gold, showcasing intricate detailing and symbolism. The addition of turquoise gemstones enhances the aesthetic appeal of the necklace. Turquoise is a vibrant blue-green gemstone associated with protection, healing, and spiritual balance in many cultures.

The combination of gold and turquoise creates a striking contrast and adds a touch of elegance to the necklace. The gold provides a luxurious and timeless appeal, while the turquoise adds a pop of color and cultural significance.

About Faravahar

The Faravahar is the most worn pendant among Iranians and has become a secular national symbol, rather than a religious symbol. It symbolizes good thoughts (پندار نیک‬ pendār-e nik), good words (گفتار نیک‬ goftār-e nik), and good deeds (کردار نیک‬ kerdār-e nik), which are the basic tenets and principles of Zoroastrianism.

The Farvahar/farvahar (Persian: فروهر), also known as the foruhar/faravahar is one of the best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism, an Iranian religion.

Farvahar Turquoise Gold Necklace Details:

  • Plate Material: 24k Gold
  • Fixed Color
  • Pendant Size: 2.5cm
  • Chain length: 23.5cm 
  • Stone type: turquoise
  • Body Material: steel
  • Cover material: resin

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Weight0.2 kg

Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, All Set

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