Fish And Kilim Haftsin Set

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FISH & KILIM HAFT SEEN SET, in which Panirian artist has painted these ceramic dishes with subglaze and natural colors.

Nowruz, the largest national holiday of Iranians, has a history of thousands of years. From ancient times, the Aryans living on the plateau of Iran dedicated the first day of the year and the beginning of spring to holding special ceremonies with joy and happiness.


Number of plates: 7 number

Number of mirror: 1 number

Number of candlesticks: 2 number

Plate Size: 16 cm

Mirror Size: 28 x 18 cm

Ceramic next to mirror size: 28 x 10

Under glaze painting at a temperature of 1100 degrees

Lead-free glaze and can be used to serve hot materials

Technique: Subglaze

Material: Ceramic

Design: Fish & Kilim

Artist: Azade Panirian

Due to the shape of the dishes, the sizes are approximate.

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