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Ghalamzani Copper Tray

Copper tray set with its simple and original shape is a good choice for entertaining guests. Copper utensils evoke the old atmosphere and give a special beauty to your home. A beautiful handmade tray can show artistic taste in receptions. Be you. The tray is red with a traditional flat design with a short edge and shallow depth. Used for transporting and receiving food, beverages and other utensils. For this reason, they are usually flat, with a short edge to prevent objects being carried on them from slipping. Copper trays, in addition to being beautiful, are very durable and can be used in any situation. Today, the use of copper and copper utensils is common again, and these trays of traditional copper design can be very attractive and efficient for those who are interested in original and traditional Iranian arts. This copper dish with diameters of 32, 35 and 37 cm, in addition to using a tea tray, can be used as a dish for eating sweets, etc. Because of their beautiful color, copper dishes can be used in the kitchen or reception area. Give the guests a special look to your table and be very impressive.


  • Weight:550 ,800,1050 gr
  • Diameter: 32, 35, 37 cm
  • Height: 2cm
  • Material: Copper
  • Pattern: Paisley
  • Cover: Tin
  • Making technique: Ghalamzani

Consumption for any food: sweets, chocolate, glasses, hot and cold food

Copper products can be cleaned at home using solutions such as salt and lemon juice, vinegar and salt, tomato sauce, etc.

Ghalamzani is a traditional form of Persian metalwork that involves engraving designs on metal surfaces using a chisel and hammer. The designs are typically geometric or floral patterns, and the technique is used to create a variety of decorative items, including trays, plates, bowls, and vases.

A Ghalamzani Copper Tray Set is a collection of copper trays that are made using the Ghalamzani technique. The trays may be decorated with intricate designs and patterns and can be used for serving food or as decorative pieces. They are often used in traditional Persian households and are also popular as souvenirs and gifts. Ghalamzani copper tray set is known for their traditional and hand-made feature.
They can be coated with a special layer to prevent tarnish which is essential for the longevity of the product.


32 cm, 35 cm, 37 cm

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