Jajim handmade backpack with zipper


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Shirt bag Qashqai handle kilim, in the bag bag model. This bag is hand-woven, which is dyed with vegetable dye and no chemical substance has been used in the production of this bag. The best wool has been used in the production of these original and traditional bags. The raw materials for the production of this model of bags are jajim and kilim. It is noteworthy that all the steps of producing Qashqai kilim bags have been done by hand and no machine has been used in the production of kilim and jajimi bags and it is handmade.

Klim weaving raw materials:

The raw materials used in the weaving of kilim weaving products are: cotton, fleece and camel hair, goat and horse hair, which have maintained their place from the past to the present. Of these materials, goat, camel and horse hair is used in very small quantities. The preparation of these materials in the past was done through complex processes, while today these materials can be prepared with incredible ease and ease. Cotton is one of the most important raw materials for weaving, which has more properties and facilities than wool. Cotton is grown well and its fibers are very strong. Goat hair is also very transparent and is used as a yarn in some ponies and horse jaws. Combining this hair with wool and spinning these two delicate roots gives the kilim strand. As you know, most of the weaving yarns use cotton yarn because cotton is spun with a small diameter, which is very suitable for delicate fabrics.

This product is completely handmade and made by Iranian nomadic women.



  • Height: 36cm
  • Width: 32 cm
  • Suitable for: women and men
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-allergic and herbal
  • Vegetable dye

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