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Persian Khatam and Minakari Clock


Only 1 left in stock

These Beautiful wooden handmade Khatam and Minakari clock made of pieces of Metal and Wood, beautifully laid on wood, gives an attractive flaunt to your home decor. This clock has been made by an artisan based in Esfahan using high-quality material.

Size: 33 x 33 x 5 cm

Isfahan MinaKari and Khatam kari

Whenever art and technology are combined, the beauty and ease of life are increased, making the value of this clock higher. The engine of this clock lets you check the exact time twenty-four hours a day. Making Khatam and MinaKari clocks is done during some steps with the cooperation of a group of masters, which results in improving the economy and providing more job opportunities for people in these fields to make art and souvenirs.


More Details about Khatam and MinaKari Clock

The central board of this clock is made of Mina, the body of the clock is produced of wood and Khatam; and the clock is designed with nice paintings on it. This Khatam and MinaKari clock is a mixture of three different arts, including Khatam Kari, MinaKari, and miniature painting with delicate drawing. It is a good suggestion for people to feel the traditional mood and atmosphere of Isfahan around them all the time.

The weight of this Khatam and MinaKari clock is about 1 kg. Therefore, it is not very heavy to carry and install. This clock is also a good option to be given to different employers and personnel as a souvenir to remind them of the beauty of Isfahan.