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Khatam on Copper Bonbon Dish

$163.84 (Available on back-order)
  • Height with lid: 26 cm
  • Height without lid: 17 cm
  • Diameter: 15cm
  • Material: Copper, Brass and Wood

Available on backorder



Pieces of Metal and Wood beautifully laid on a Copper bonbon dish.

This bonbon dish has been hand made by the artesian based in Esfahan.

  • Height with lid: 26 cm
  • Height without lid: 17 cm
  • Diameter: 15cm
  • Material: Copper, Brass and Wood


Khātam is an ancient Persian technique of inlaying. It is a version of marquetry where art forms are made by decorating the surface of wooden articles. with delicate pieces of wood, bone and metal precisely-cut intricate geometric patterns.

Designing of inlaid articles is a highly elaborate process. Inlaid articles in the Safavid era took on a special significance as artists created their precious artworks. Woods used include betelwalnutcypress and pine. These works include doors and windows, mirror frames, Quran boxes, inlaid boxes, pen and penholders, lanterns and shrines.


Khatam is a traditional Persian craft that involves the art of inlaying geometric shapes and patterns onto a surface using thin pieces of wood, metal, or other materials. When Khatam is applied to a copper bonbon dish, it creates a beautiful and intricate design that is both functional and decorative.

To create a Khatam design on a copper bonbon dish, a design is first drawn onto the surface of the copper using a pencil or other marking tool. Next, the geometric shapes and patterns that make up the design are carefully cut from thin strips of wood or other inlay materials, such as bone, brass, or ivory.

Once the pieces are cut, they are arranged on the surface of the copper in the desired pattern, with each piece fitting snugly against the others to create a seamless design. The inlay pieces are then glued to the surface of the copper using a special type of glue that is suitable for both the inlay materials and the copper surface.

After the glue has dried, the entire surface is sanded to create a smooth and even finish, and the edges of the inlay pieces are sanded down to be flush with the surface of the copper. The final step is to apply a protective coat of sealant to the surface of the dish to protect the inlay design and create a beautiful, glossy finish.

Khatam on copper bonbon dishes are a beautiful and unique way to add an element of Persian art and culture to your home decor, while also providing a functional and decorative dish for serving bonbons or other small sweets.

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