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Luxury Calligraphy Serveware Set: Where Art Meets Function

Unleash the allure of artistic excellence with our Luxury Calligraphy Serveware Set. Crafted with utmost precision from premium ceramic, each piece is a testament to the mastery of skilled artisans. The intricate calligraphy motifs delicately painted on the serveware showcase the soul of art, making every dining experience a captivating journey.

Masterpieces of Artistry

Indulge in the fusion of art and culinary delight as you present your dishes with elegance and sophistication. The Luxury Calligraphy Serveware Set becomes a centerpiece of admiration, adding an air of opulence to your table setting that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Luxury Calligraphy Serveware Set Details

  • Small Plates Size: Diameter: 9 cm, Height: 4 cm
  • Large Plate Size: Diameter: 20 cm, Height: 10 cm
  • Technique: Subglaze
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Design: Safavid motifs
  • Poetry on the Outside of Small Plates: (Persian: سرو خرامان منی ای رونق بستان من از مولانا)
  • Due to the shape of the dishes, the sizes are approximate.
  • Handwash only
  • The plate has been glazed at 950 degrees and can be hand-washed. Do not microwave or use it in the oven.

Elegance Redefined

Experience a new level of elegance with the Luxury Calligraphy Serveware Set. The seamless blend of traditional calligraphy with modern design creates a mesmerizing ensemble that exudes refinement. The serveware’s smooth curves and luxurious finish add a touch of sophistication, elevating your dining occasions to extraordinary heights.

Each stroke of the calligraphy tells a story of cultural heritage, infusing meaning, and emotion into your culinary presentations. Enchant your guests with an artful display that not only satisfies their taste buds but also captivates their hearts.

Timeless Luxury, Uncompromising Quality

Embrace the essence of timeless luxury with our exclusive Luxury Calligraphy Serveware Set. Designed to stand the test of time, the ceramic material ensures durability and resilience, preserving the art’s beauty for generations to come. Delight in the convenience of serving and displaying your delicacies with a collection that epitomizes both form and function.

Crafted with attention to every detail, the serveware set is a symbol of prestige and excellence. Elevate your dining experiences with a touch of grandeur, leaving your guests in awe of the sophistication and class that defines your taste.

Weight5 kg


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