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Norooz prayer candle decorated with Goldfish and new year prayer.

  • H: 15cm

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Prayer Candle

Norooz prayer candles are candles that are used as part of the traditional Haft Seen table setting during the Persian New Year celebration known as Nowruz. The Haft Seen table includes seven items that start with the Persian letter “sin”, as well as other traditional items such as candles, flowers, and pastries. Some common items that may be placed on the Haft Seen table include: sprouts or grains (symbolizing rebirth and renewal), a sweet pudding made from wheat germ (symbolizing affluence), dried fruit (symbolizing love), garlic (symbolizing medicine), apples (symbolizing health and beauty), sumac berries (symbolizing the sunrise), and vinegar (symbolizing age and patience).

Norooz prayer candles may be tall, decorative candles that are placed on the Haft Seen table as a symbol of light and hope for the new year. They may be used as part of a Norooz prayer ritual or as a way to honor ancestors and loved ones who have passed away. Norooz prayer candles may be made of wax and may be scented or unscented. Some Norooz prayer candles are designed with traditional Persian motifs or patterns and may be hand-painted or mass-produced. Others may be more simple in design and may be made in a variety of colors. Norooz prayer candles may be purchased at stores that specialize in Persian or Middle Eastern goods, or they may be handmade.

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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