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Pahlavi coin set

Handmade Pahlavi coin set using Persian metal art. Best jewelry gift for your best friend, Girlfriend or Wife, Mom or grandma, Daughter, or someone you love.

These coins include one, two, and five Pahlavi and were only minted in 1926, and on both sides, they have the Qajar crown and oak and olive branches, and on the reverse, there is the symbolic lion and sun (coat of arms), which is very similar in this respect to Qajar gold Toman. The only difference is the inclusion of Reza Shah’s title as “Reza Shah Pahlavi Shahanshah Iran”- in Persian legends: “رضا شاه پهلوی شاهنشاه ایران” on the coin and change the calendar from Islamic to the Persian. These coins, especially the legend type five Pahlavi (with a mintage of 271 pieces), are among the most scarce gold coins.

A Pahlavi coin jewelry set refers to a collection of jewelry pieces that incorporate Pahlavi coins into their design. Pahlavi coins were the official currency of Iran from 1925 to 1979, during the reign of the Pahlavi dynasty. These coins feature various designs and engravings that reflect the cultural and historical significance of Iran during that period.

A Pahlavi coin jewelry set may include items such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings. The Pahlavi coins are often used as pendants, charms, or focal points within jewelry pieces. They can be encased in settings made of precious metals like gold or silver or non-precious metals, depending on the design and craftsmanship.

The design and style of a Pahlavi coin jewelry set can vary widely. Some sets may feature a matching ensemble of jewelry pieces, while others may consist of individual items that can be mixed and matched. The coins themselves can vary in size, denomination, and design, providing a range of options for collectors or individuals interested in historical and cultural jewelry.

Pahlavi coin jewelry sets can be seen as a way to appreciate and showcase the rich heritage and traditions of Iran. They provide a unique and tangible connection to the historical period of the Pahlavi dynasty.


Pahlavi Coin Jewelry Set Details:

  • Metal Material: 925 silver
  • Fixed Color
  • Earring Size: 45mm, 20mm
  • Pahlavi coin set
  • Stone: cultured pearl
  • Necklace size: 50mm, 23mm
  • Artist: Yasmin Zare 

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 5 cm

Earrings, Necklace, Set

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