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Painted Wooden Ladle

  • Wood material: Moist Oak Wood
  • Painted by hand and inspired by Persian art
  • Color: gouache and watercolor
  • Cover: Klarlack
  • In two sizes: 20cm and 30cm
  • Artist: Ms.Yasmin Farahzad
  • Washable with empty water and a damp cloth
  • It can be ordered in three designs: “Flower”, “Eslimi” and “Eslimi Flower”.

A painted wooden ladle is a kitchen utensil used for serving or stirring liquids, such as soup, sauce, or stew. It is made of wood and has a handle and a shallow bowl-shaped scoop. The ladle may be painted with decorative designs, patterns, or colors to add an aesthetic element to the kitchen or dining table. Wooden ladles are commonly used due to their durability and heat resistance, as well as the natural look they add to the kitchen.

Wood Material

Moist Oak Wood


Gouache and Watercolor


20cm and 30cm




Ms.Yasmin Farahzad


Flower, Eslimi, Eslimi Flower

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