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Pen Holder Mina Plate Gift Set: Where Function Meets Artistry

The Pen Holder Mina Plate Gift Set beckons you to explore the depths of Persian artistry and craftsmanship. Crafted with precision and passion, this set combines functionality with an aesthetic that echoes centuries of tradition.

Elegance Encased: The Intricate Box Design

Each gift set is encased in a meticulously crafted box with dimensions of a height of 25.5 x 17.5 cm and a depth of 5 cm. It’s more than just protective packaging; it’s a promise of the treasures that lie within. The box is the introduction to what lies inside, a hint at the Traditional Persian gift set journey that awaits.

Pen Holder Mina Plate Gift Set Details:

  • Box size, height 25.5 x 17.5, box depth 5 cm
  • The height of the statue is 23 x 16 cm
  • Enamel plate with a diameter of 12 cm

The Statue: A Majestic Testament to Persian Art

Standing with dimensions of 23 x 16 cm, the statue is more than a mere pen holder. It embodies the rich history and meticulous craftsmanship that Persian art is renowned for. Whether you’re searching for a Persian gift set for him or her, this statue ensures a lasting impression, serving both as a functional item and a decorative masterpiece.

The Enamel Plate: A Whirlwind of Colors and Craft

With a diameter of 12 cm, the enamel plate, also known as the Mina plate, is a dance of colors and designs. Every stroke and every hue is a testament to the artisan’s skill and the vibrant Persian culture. It’s not just a plate; it’s a story waiting to be told, making it an irresistible part of the Persian gift set for women and men alike.

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