Persian agate ring


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Persian agate ring made by an Iranian artist with great elegance, make it more beautiful with this ring that the artist has placed a beautiful agate stone on it

All the steps of making this agate, from making the body of the ring to shaving the agate, are all handmade, which makes this ring very beautiful.


  • Metal Material:  Brass
  • Text: بهترین سرآغاز(best start )
  • Stone: Agate
  • Handmade
  • Artist: Zohre abbasian

For centuries, agate was a precious gem and a stone for use in jewelry or small art sculptures. The properties of agate in terms of magic and sorcery were also among the items that attracted human attention, including the ancient Iranians.
Its name is derived from the Achates River on the Italian peninsula of Sicily. Agate rubble was probably obtained from the bed of this river in ancient times. The Greek philosopher Theophrastus discovered the gem in the river in the fourth century, and named it Agate.

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